Participating companies - organisations in Belgium

Below you may find a list of companies and organisations who committed to Internet Society to participate in the big IPv6 world launch day. We, Internet Society Belgium, will follow-up on this list and will propagate them among all members and non-members.

Organisation Country Website Date Joined Type
DNS.be Belgium http://www.dns.be 19 Jan 2012
Keytrade Bank Belgium https://www.keytradebank.com 08 May 2012
Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications Belgium http://www.awt.be 25 Jan 2012
Belnet Belgium http://www.belnet.be 14 Mar 2012 Network operator
UZ Leuven Belgium http://www.uzleuven.be 04 Apr 2012
IBBT Belgium http://www.ibbt.be 02 Apr 2012
KATHO University College Belgium http://www.katho.be 18 Jan 2012
Centralpoint.be Belgium http://www.centralpoint.be 23 May 2012
CENTR - European ccTLD organisation Belgium http://www.centr.org 24 Apr 2012
Goffinet Training Belgium http://cisco.goffinet.eu 08 Mar 2012
Stijn Tintel Belgium http://stijn.tintel.eu 18 Apr 2012
Consultancy & Management Services Belgium http://www.comaser.be 22 Jan 2012
Goffinet Training Belgium http://cisco.goffinet.org 08 Mar 2012
PublishWith.me Belgium http://publishwith.me 28 May 2012
Roleplay BE Belgium https://www.roleplay.be 21 May 2012
Le JIM Belgium http://www.lejim.info 30 Apr 2012
MajorXtrems Blog Belgium http://www.majorxtrem.be 21 May 2012
JusTForFun Gaming Belgium http://justforfun-gaming.com 24 Mar 2012
The Next Net Belgium http://patrick.vande-walle.eu 05 Apr 2012
Rack66 - EUSIP bvba
Belgium http://www.rack66.com 18 Jan 2012
1Ago Belgium http://www.1ago.be/ 08 Mar 2012
Association des Parents de Saint-Barthélemy Belgium http://ap.saintbar.be 23 Mar 2012
BitProcessor IT Consulting Belgium http://www.bitprocessor.be 02 Apr 2012
Hackerspace Brussels Belgium https://hackerspace.be 28 May 2012
IPv6 Council Belgium Belgium http://www.ipv6council.be 23 Mar 2012
Cu.be Solutions Belgium http://cu.be 16 Feb 2012
Simon Butcher Belgium https://simon.butcher.name/ 30 May 2012
EstimatedWebsite Belgium http://ewsite.be 28 May 2012
NETris Belgium http://www.netris.eu/ 18 Jan 2012
Maehdros Belgium http://www.maehdros.com 02 Feb 2012
Jamsfamily Belgium http://www.jamsfamily.com 20 Feb 2012
Epidauros Belgium http://www.epidauros.be/ 29 Apr 2012
Wommelgem Endurance Belgium http://www.wommelgemendurance.be/ 29 Apr 2012
Netdev Belgium http://netdev.be 22 May 2012
XiteHosting Belgium http://xitehosting.be/ 30 May 2012
Tryton Belgium http://www.tryton.org/ 04 Jun 2012
Futureweb BVBA Belgium http://www.futureweb.be 04 Jun 2012

Important IPv6 resources

This toolkit is not intended as a technical implementation guide, but the sites below are full of great technical, business, policy, and educational resources that can inform and enrich Chapter activities. We encourage all Chapter leaders to share your own experiences and pass on other resources you have found useful.

Internet Society Deploy360 Programme

The Deploy360 Programme is the Internet Society's flagship site for up-to-date, relevant, and informed resources on some of the Internet's core technical deployment issues, including IPv6.

IPv6 Act Now

RIPE NCC's dedicated site hosts a full range of IPv6-related resources. Of particular use for Chapters are checklists for small businesses, enterprises, ISPs, decision makers, and governments about how to take action on IPv6 deployment now.

Test Your IPv6 Connectivity

This site checks your system and connection and gives you an instant report on your IPv6 readiness.

6 Deploy

6 Deploy is an EU-funded project featuring tutorials, case studies, testbeds, an events calendar, and links to many other IPv6 statistics, deployment guides, and other resources.

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