Wednesday 6 June 2012 - 14:00 CET - First analysis of IPv6 presence in Belgium

IPv6 ribbonThe IPv6 world launch day is now halfway, at least in Belgium, and we wanted to reflect the results of some analysis of IPv6 enabled services.

In the previous hours we observed some of our Belgian ISP's, especially the internet access providers, on how they act with regards to the worldwide IPv6 actions. So far we have to mention that none of our important ISP's have responded to this global request and have still not activated their general website on an IPv6 address. Only a few have really made the effort and are active on IPv6 and have accessible websites. It demonstrates (again) that even smaller companies and organisations have more flexibility and are able to adapt to market needs when required or requested.

We also have observed some important national government sites and same results occur. The federal domain, nor have an IPv6 record. Same happens for the Flemish government domain Amazingly enough, the Walloonish domain has an IPv6 record and have their website active on IPv6 - congratulations ! At least Belnet is fully IPv6 enabled.

Looking at some organisational structures that should have eye on the IPv6 are logged in the same boot. Agoria and Beltug, neither of them have an IPv6 record registered. Pity as they announce an IPv6 event on the 12 June. Feweb, the federation for web developers should at least also demonstrate the importance of the IPv6 for their members : companies that develop websites for companies and organisations.

We are please others have done efforts and are IPv6 enabled such as IBBT, UZLeuven, FUSA and many others, the full list of participants (in total 41) is available here.

As such we have to conclude that there is still a lot of work to be done in order to get important players in awareness to be themselves aware of the lack of interest.

Again, Belgium will be among the worst students, something we are used to hear. As Belgian chapter of the organising body, Internet Society, we are not proud on these facts.


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