Internet Society Belgium Vice-chair

Frans Gerbosch (°1969), although he studied construction engineering, was running an event office in the beginning of 1995. He supported financially a group of students who formed one of the first ISP's, HookOn vzw, in January 1995.

After he started in February 1995 surfing the Internet, as one of the first customers of HookOn, and did the PR of the first Belgian Cybercafe: 'Cyberk@fee Gent' (that is still operational as "The Globetrotter"). At the end of the summer of 1995 he was convinced of the power and the future of the Internet. HookOn invite him to join the team and reorganize the organization. He took over the daily management.

In January 1997 he is one of the founders of the Belgian XS4ALL Internet NV (together with the shareholders of the oldest Dutch ISP XS4All Internet BV), an ISP with a focus on small and medium sized enterprises. He has been the CEO of XS4All Internet NV Belgium for 3,5 years. Meanwhile XS4ALL became a subsidiary of the Dutch Telecom oparator KPN (KPN sold the Belgian subsidiary in 2001 which operates now as Evonet).

The Federation of Belgian Internet Providers (ISPA vzw) asked him to join the board in 1999. In 2000 he was elected as Vice-President, a function he accomplished until the moment he left XS4ALL Internet.

End 2000, he offered his services as independent strategic consultant at different mayor Belgian Internet- & Telecom companies and international investment companies.

Beginning 2001 he supported the launch of the housing and co-location project Rack66.
In 2002 he is co-founder and webmaster of the Belgian Internet Broadband Applications Platform. In September 2003 he was elected secretary.
In 2003 he co-founded EUSIP bvba that continue the projects of Rack66, and Thunderbox as an independent company.
In January 2005 he co-founded NWX Projex Ltd that offers website engineering and Internet based application development. And finally in February 2005 he joined the Belgian ISOC Chapter and co-founded ISOC Belgium VZW, the legal entity behind it.

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