How to secure a website?

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How to secure a website?

To know how to secure a website, first thing is to evaluate security, identify weaknesses, and take remediating actions.

It is what we did at Internet Society Belgium Chapter, our website had security weaknesses, and with some guidance we improved a lot, here is how!

First, evaluate the website with this online tool :

Then, by just modifying a couple of files, security can be improved a lot. Under Unix (Linux) with Apache2, main file is the website .conf file located in /etc/apache2. On above mentioned website, you'll find for each point the explanation and what you need to fix. The other file, in our case, was, as our website is developed in Python.

Do you want to improve your website too?  Then test your website on and if you have questions or willing to exchange about website security, be member of Internet Society Belgium Chapter, register on if not yet done.


Posted on June 21, 2020

by frederic

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