Shaping the Internet

Internet Governance

Where does Internet come from?  Who is driving Internet?  What can we do as user?

We're receiving many questions in this area and the answer is simple: "Make Internet your Internet".

As from mid-September, our chapter is initiating a new series of "Internet Sessions", gathering people for an online conversation. Given uncertainty of COVID19 evolution, online meetings are good alternatives. In 2019, the physical "speed dating" meetings got an excellent feedback from participants, but coronavirus did not allow us to organize such physical meetings. However, we would like to keep the same format in the new century, and it gives this:

- Start 15 min before meeting: to let time to people to test videoconferencing, test audio, video, and discuss with other participants;

- Introduction : 3 min;

- Presentation of today's topic by guest speaker(s): 12 min;

- You can raise your questions by chat and a time-keeper moderator is giving the voice to people to interact with guest speakers, give their opinion, debate... during 25 min;

- Closing: 3min as summary of discussions and 2min for action points.

First topics will be on Shaping the Internet, and in particular:

- History of Internet : know the big steps of this fantastic true story!

- Who is driving Internet? GAFAM? Governments? People?

- Strong encryption on Internet

- Rights and Duties on Internet

- ...

Interested?  Don't wait, register on to the "Belgium Chapter" as member if not done yet, and give us your feedback by email at


Posted on June 21, 2020

by frederic

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