What Trump doesn't get about his new executive order: it'd backfire

As online disputes go, this week's hullabaloo on Twitter started in a rather low-key way. Donald Trump published another tweet that lied about voting rights, as he's done many times before. This week, however, Twitter alerted users to the fact that the president's claims were misleading, and the social-media company referred the public to accurate information.

Twitter didn't censor, edit, or delete the tweet; it simply brought additional accurate information to users' attention, so as to prevent public confusion about an important topic Trump is eager to lie about.

From the president's perspective, of course, this was intolerable. Deceiving people with tweets is a key pillar of his political persona, and Trump immediately saw Twitter's measured response as an attack that could severely undermine his misinformation efforts.

And so, the president did what authoritarians often do: Trump took steps to abuse his power and target methods of communication.


Posted on June 2, 2020

by Jos

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