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#6 – Alarming: Wiretapping of Internet (backdoor encryption)

17 décembre 2020 @ 17:30 - 18:00 CET
évènement Virtuel
évènement Virtuel
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A massive “wiretapping of the Internet” started, done at the expense of our most sacred values : our freedom of speech and the secrecy of our communications.

Security forces from everywhere, including within the European Commission, guardian of our fundamental rights, are lobbying – at this very moment – to grant “exceptional access” to online encrypted content (i.e. your Whatsapp messages, iMessages, etc.). Announced purpose is to fight terrorism and prevent child abuses, but by default this means that your content will be accessed and/or – at best – filtered by governments, and at worst by cybercriminals thanks to new security breaches.

Join force with us and rally against this “Big Brother” attempt to violate our privacy!

Event will be held in English, and presentation by Jérôme de Meeûs, Data Protection Officer of Internet Society Belgium, will be followed by questions and answers with participants. Questions can be raised in Dutch or French.

Don’t miss reading more about encryption.
Internet Society Belgium is part of the Global Encryption Coalition.


Date: 17 décembre 2020
Time: 17:30 - 18:00
Cost: Gratuit
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Address: Belgium




Language English

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