Security, Privacy & Trust

Security, Privacy & Trust, what a programme! At Internet Society Belgium we enable everyone to freely access to Internet but also with Security, Privacy and Trust:

  • Security : as Internet is becoming an extension of your home, you need to be secured on Internet as in your home;
  • Privacy : being connected allows catching of personal data at any time, any place. Personal data are part of individual rights and need to be protected too;
  • Trust : how to trust webshops, websites, Internet resources and not be polluted by fake news, spam and other scam.

For those aspects we have regular events and articles for example on Covid-19 tracing app and privacy, how to protect your passwords, use of social networks, or fake news. Look for articles with the following tags: security, privacy, trust.

You can also join us a member and indicate security, privacy and trust as project of interest to you.

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