Frederic Taes

Frederic Taes

Frederic Taes currently serves as President – Internet Society Chapter Belgium vzw/asbl.

In 2019, Frederic Taes relaunched the Belgian Chapter, rapidly supported by Internet Society (notably Frédéric Donck and Nick Hyrka), immediately joined by Frans Gerbosch, Peter Durieux, Jos Jacobs (†) and many other supporters rapidly. Rejuvenation process started in June 18th 2019 with a new legal entity, and was completed end December 2019. The relaunch in 2020 started in an unusual context with the Covid-19, that highlighted again how Internet is useful in the modern era.

As other members and board members, Frederic Taes is a voluntary worker in the association, working in Internet related area for a large worldwide retailer. Married, he has four children, and is passionate about making life better for everyone and with everyone. Some centres of interests: music, photography, European comics and mountain bike.


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