RIP – Jos Jacobs

Jos, we are going to miss you… You were an inspiring example for many. R.I.P. …

Jos Jacobs
Jos Jacobs was Vice-President of Internet Society Belgium Chapter.

Jacobs Jos announcement

Jos was very active in introducing the Internet in schools and public libraries in Belgium and for refugees, especially people from the Philippines. He still had many projects for our chapter, such as the production of videos with and by young people on the use of the Internet.
The best we can do is to bring his projects to life.

Dear officers of the Internet Society Belgium Chapter,
We are profoundly saddened by the news of the sudden passing of Jos Jacobs.
Jos was a strong ally of the Internet Society and greatly contributed to achieving the Internet Society’s vision and mission through his contributions as the Belgium Chapter’s Vice Chair as well as his active engagement in the ongoing Internet Society Chapter Fundamentals program. 

We will miss him and send our deepest sympathies to Jos’ family, to his friends and Internet Society colleagues in Belgium and beyond. 

Best regards,
Christine Saegesser Baethge, Sr. Director Chapters and Individual Members

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