Internet Fundamentals course: 6 key free trainings to understand everything about Internet!

Internet Fundamentals course

Internet Fundamentals course is there for you

Want to master the fundamentals of the Internet? If you are a member of the Belgian Chapter of Internet Society, you can register for free to an international course in English, French, Spanish or Arabic. Some topics are for everyone, others for experts – chose those you want to follow. Don’t wait: registrations will close on March 14th.

Topics for everyone (no previous background or experience is required):

  • > Internet Way of Networking (23/4/2021): understand who decides on Internet and five critical properties that impact the growth and adaptability of the Internet;
  • > Community Networks (13/4/2021): how to bridge the connectivity gap, how to connect everyone to the Internet? Intended for anyone with interest from either technical or policy side; see our project Internet for Refugees as example;
  • > Encryption (12/4/2021): why and how to protect our privacy on the Internet?

Advanced trainings to become an expert:

  • > Open Standards for web and email servers (15/4/2021): how to increase availability and security of your servers; intended for web/email administrators;
  • > Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) (19/4, 20/4, 21/4 or 22/4/2021) for members interested in amplifying the benefits of routing security; requires technical background as Network Operators;
  • > Infrastructure and Community Development (14/4/2021): for members with a strong technical and policy background who are ready to engage on activities related to mobilizing and supporting the creation of local communities of practice such as IXPs, NOGs, NRENs, Hackathons, etc.

At the end, participate in a project of our chapter and get a certificate.

ISOC Belgium members can directly register online to Internet Fundamentals course. Deadline: 14/3/2021.
Training dates are indicated above. English sessions start 7am, 3pm, 7pm and 9pm CET at your choice. Sessions in French start at 7pm CET, in Spanish at 9pm CET. Community Networks in Arabic on 21/4/2021 at 3pm CET.

Any question about this Internet Fundamentals course?  Do not hesitate to reach us, member or non-member, but remember – before March 14th 2021!

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