Encryption backdoor bill dropped

We were heard: the encryption backdoor bill is dropped, which is excellent news for the entire community.

encryption backdoor bill
Encryption backdoor

The government requested a backdoor to access the encrypted content of communications. The problem is that such a backdoor can also be used by criminals. And criminals will not ask for permission, as explained in our article “Governments in the wrong about encryption”.

With the support of Global Encryption Coalition, we first set up an open letter: 107 organizations and cybersecurity experts call on the Belgian Government to halt legislation to undermine end-to-end encryption.

Then, with help of Internet Society, our Belgian chapter approached media with many publications, leading the government to alter its position. Here’s a small list of publications from interviews with Internet Society Belgium:

The fact this encryption backdoor bill is dropped is a win not only for Belgian community, but also for Europe. Indeed, the Minister promoting the bill had in project to serve as an example for other European countries. The cancelling of this encryption backdoor bill is also a win for the entire Internet community. Do you want to know more? Join us.


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