Digitally Aware Elections event series

This week, the Brussels School of Governance successfully launched the ‘Digitally Aware Elections’ series at the Brussels School of Governance in collaboration with the Internet Society, focusing on the pivotal digital policy issues for the 2024-2029 EU parliamentary term. A special thanks to our first four speakers, Fausto Matos (European People’s Party), Thierry Masson (Renew Europe) and their discussants Romain Bosc (RIPE NCC) and Polina Malaja (CENTR), for their insights into the topics that have dominated, and will continue to dominate, the European Parliament’s agenda for all things digital. David Frautschy and Frédéric Taes contributed to the debates and added the perspective of the Internet Society, and the Internet Society (ISOC) Belgium Chapter.

During our discussions we addressed some of the major issues that will become important in the next five years, and caught some glimpses into how the digital advisors saw them playing out. Some of the key highlights included discussions on the need for technical awareness on the part of legislators and their advisors, the increased geopolitical nature of the discussions around digital policy, and the role of (European) values in shaping the core infrastructure of the internet. It has been really enlightening to hear the different underlying principles from the different political groups, and how these then shape attitudes towards policymaking in the digital space, and we look forward to hearing more from the advisors to different groups!

Join us for our next sessions on 14 May with Arnika Zinke from The Greens/EFA, and on 21 May with Inês de Matos Pinto from the S&D group. Don’t miss out on our final event at the Internet Society in Brussels, where we will present a comprehensive policy brief. Let’s continue to shape the future of digital policies in the EU together!

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